Notifiable Conditions Reporting

What to Report and When

Health care providers, facilities, laboratories, and veterinarians all are required to report specific diseases within established timeframes. Use the links below to determine which diseases require reporting and how quickly to report them:

Report Forms

Specific to the disease, use the appropriate reporting form.  Attach laboratory results as appropriate.

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases

How to Report and Contact Information

Fax completed forms and any accompanying lab reports to the appropriate Northeast Tri County Health District Office listed below (based on the patient’s county of residence).  Please do not email reports or patient information.  Disease reporting can also be done by calling any of our offices. 

  • Ferry County:  Fax:  509-775-2858 - Phone:  509-775-3111
  • Pend Oreille County: Fax:  509-447-5644 - Phone:  509-447-3131
  • Stevens County: Fax:  509-684-9878 - Phone:  509-684-2262

After-hours Emergency Notification

Calling one of the phone numbers above, use the auto attendant feature to select appropriate extension to be connected to the Duty Officer.

Additionally, health care providers, facilities, laboratories, and veterinarians are periodically provided a “24 Hour Emergency Call List for Northeast Tri County Health District.”  This list provides personal phone numbers of staff for after-hours emergencies.  Please consult this confidential list located at your facility.

Helpful Information

Northeast Tri County Health District complies with state and federal requirements on patient privacy.  Chapter 246-101 WAC governs notifiable conditions reporting requirements.  The federal HIPAA Privacy Rule permits certain entities to disclose protected health information, without authorization, to public health authorities like Northeast Tri County Health District, that are legally authorized to receive such information for the purpose of preventing or controlling disease or injury.