PacWest Health Impact Assessment - Steering Committee

The first Steering Committee Conference call is Tuesday March 5th at 11:30am.  The purpose of this first call is to provide an introduction to a Health Impact Assessment (HIA), discuss the scope of the HIA, and review the Steering Committee Collaboration Agreement.  They will also discuss options for a formal and structured peer review of the HIA to ensure a solid and unbiased final product.

Unfortunately, this first call is not open to the general public and call in ports will not be available for access by those not serving on the Steering Committee.  However, there are materials below as well as notes from the meetings will be available on our website, and future in-person meetings will be open to the public.  Public engagement is valued and encouraged in this HIA process as a foundation for a solid HIA.  

PacWest HIA Steering Committee Intro

First Draft HIA Scoping Questions

Steering Committee Collaboration Agreement