Group B Water Systems

Northeast Tri County Health District regulates Group B water systems in Ferry, Pend Oreille and Stevens counties. Group B water systems have:

  • 3-14 service connections
  • Less than 25 people per day OR
  • Serve 25 people per day during fewer than 60 days per year


Group B Public Water System Regulation

Washington State Department of Health Group B Water System Design Guidelines

Group B Brochure

Application Process for New and Expanding Group B Water Systems

  • Submit Completed Design Application

  • Submit Construction Completion Report and Water Facilities Inventory Report (WFI) or Final Inspection- A construction completion report and WFI must be submitted within 60 days of completion and prior to use of the water system. A final inspection, conducted by NETCHD, will be required if the construction completion form is submitted by an individual who is not a professional engineer. 

Group B Water Systems FAQ's

What is a Site Evaluation?

A well site evaluation is an inspection and written determination by the Health District that states whether a selected site is suitable for the construction of a new well, or whether an existing well is in a suitable site to serve as a sources of drinking water. During a well site evaluation, the land surrounding the proposed new well site is assessed for potential sources of contamination. For evaluations where the well already exists, the well's visible construction is also assessed for potential problems. 

When is a Well Site Evaluation Required? 

WAC 246-290 and WAC 246-291 require that a well site evaluation be performed by authorized personnel as part of source approval for any new or previously unapproved source serving a public water system. WAC 246-290 also requires a well site evaluation as part of the approval of a well that serves as the water source for a bottled water plant or ice plant. 

When Might an Individual Water System Owner Request a Well Site Evaluation?

Usually, people request site evaluations for loan certification purposed or for evaluation of and assistance with some problem that they are experiencing with their home's individual water system. NOTE: a well site evaluation is only appropriate for loan certification on properties that do not already have an existing well and/or the intent is to drill a new well. For properties where the well and water system is already in place, the applicant should request an Operational Survey instead. 

Is a Satisfactory Well Site Evaluation the Same as a Source Approval? 

No. The well site evaluation is only one of the items required for approval of a well to serve a public water system or bottled water/ice plant.

Does Approval by Northeast Tri County Health District for a Group B Water System Give Me Legal Right to the Water? 

No. Legal availablity of water is determined by the county in which the system is installed or by Washington State Department of Ecology.