Septic Permit Applications

Designing and building an onsite sewage system (OSS) on your property can be a complex process. It is encouraged that you hire a licensed professional who will eavluate your site, design a system, and complete the permit application process with our office. NETCHD reviews septic system designs for on-site sewage systems with design flows of less than 3,500 gallons per day. 



Septic Permit Process

1) Submit your completed application, ensuring all required information and documents are included. If you hired a licensed professional this may be completed by them.

2) An Environmental Health Specialist will then review your site with the application and design to make sure they comply with county land use and planning requirements.

3) Submit your sewage system design. The sewage system design must be developed per the Northeast Tri County Health District On-Site Sewage Regulations to meet the soil and site conditions of the property proposed for development.

4) An Environmental Health Specials will review your sewage system design for approval. If the design does not meet requirements a design review sheet will be completed listing the deficiencies and why the design could not be approved.

5) Once the application is complete, all required information has been received and verified, and all applicable fees have been paid, and the sewage system design has been approved, a permit for sewage system installation will be issued. Permits for installation are valid for one year from date of issuance.

6) Installation of the on-site sewage system may begin when the permit is received by the primary contact and provided to the sewage system installer. Upon completion of the on-site sewage system installation and before the system is covered, the Health District must be notified that the system is ready for inspection.  A minimum 48-hour notice is required to schedule a final inspection.

7) An Environmental Health Specialist will perform and approve a final inspection.

Land Development

Environmental Health staff work closely with local planning departments to ensure land use proposals are properly reviewed. Land use proposals are reviewd to determine suitability for installation of on-site sewage systems and drinking water well locations are properly protected. 

It is recommended that you contact the county or city planning office for specific platting requirements that apply to your property prior to submitting a Land Development Application

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