Learn about septic permits, as-built records, septic and wastewater, septic contractors, and septic maintenance. 

Septic Permits

 Designing and building an on-site sewage system (OSS) on your property can be a complex process. It is encouraged that you hire a licensed professional who will evaluate your site, design a system, and complete the permit application with our office. 

As-Built Records

Northeast Tri County Health District maintains records of permits for completed on-site sewage systems. Learn how to obtain sewage permit information. 

Septic and Wastewater

Northeast Tri County Health District ensures that on-site sewage systems are properly built and maintained. Decentralized wastewater treatment systems provide flexibility for rural wastewater management and have many benefits. 

Septic Contractors

Septic professionals such as designers, engineers, installers, and pumpers, can assist you with your septic needs. This page provides a list of companies with professionals who are certified in our area. 

Septic Maintenance

A maintained septic system keeps you and the environment healthy. Learn how to properly care for your septic system.