Application Process For New Or Expanding System

1. Submit a Well Site Application (with applicable fee)

  • A plot plan of the well site and surrounding area including: property lines, buildings, underground storage tanks, roadways, wastewater components (septic tanks, drainfields, sewage transport lines, etc.), pastures or feedlots, any other potential source of contamination

  • Any protective covenant developed for the well site


2. Submit Completed Design Application (with applicable fee)

  • All submittals must include all the information referenced in the application and required by Chapter 246-291 WAC.

  • Before sending your completed application to the reviewing agency, make copies of all plans, design drawings, worksheets, equipment information, operations and maintenance manuals, legal documents, and forms. Keep this information with your other project documents to help you and others successfully manage and operate your new water system.

  • Most Group B water systems will require the use of a professional engineer. However, as a part of the NETCHD local ordinance, we allow the use of a person with demonstrated knowledge to submit a design. The systems must meet the criteria that they:

    •     Do not use a variable speed pump;  Do not provide fire flow;

    •     Do not have special hydraulic considerations;

    •     Do not have atmospheric storage in which the bottom elevation of the            storage reservoir is below the ground surface; 

    •     And serve fewer than ten service connections.                                               

Once your design is approved, you may complete the construction of your water system.


3.  Submit Construction Completion Report

  • In accordance with NETCHD Resolution 01-2017, Section 9(5), a Construction Completion Report is required for all approved construction projects. Purveyor must submit a Construction Completion Report to Northeast Tri County Health District within sixty (60) days of completion and before use of any water system facility. This includes any source, water quality treatment, storage tanks, booster pump facilities, and distribution projects. The purveyor must attach a completed Water Facilities Inventory (WFI) form as part of the Construction Completion Report. Submittal of this form by a non-professional engineer, will initiate the request for a final inspection by Northeast Tri County Health District to be conducted. Access to all necessary facilities will be required for final approval.

  • When a final inspection by NETCHD is necessary, you must pay the applicable fee prior to the inspection.