The purpose of the drinking water program is to help ensure the safety and adequacy of drinking water, both for private and public supplies.  Environmental public health staff supports the Washington State Department of Health's effort to approve and monitor community water systems.  Responsibilities for public water systems are delegated from the Washington State Department of Health through a joint plan of responsibility (JPR): Environmental public health staff are responsible for completing the following activities:

  • Provide support to the Washington State Department of Health in monitoring and inspecting community water supplies
  • Provide technical assistance to owners and operators of public drinking water systems
  • Evaluate proposed sites for new public drinking water wells
  • Coordinating with planning departments during the platting process for new subdivisions proposing public water service
  • Work with building departments to provide recommendations for water systems treatment and testing parameters for water system adequacy
  • Investigate waterborne illness
  • Respond to complaints and inquires
  • Provide owners of private water systems technical assistance about drinking water safety