Face Covering Orders in Place

There are currently three face cover orders in place: 

Additional Q & A is available at the state Department of Health. If you're an employer and have questions about the separate order regarding face coverings for employees, visit the state Department of Labor & Industries common questions page

Are there exemptions not to wear a face covering? 

There are some exemptions to the DOH order, including people with certain disabilities or health conditions, people who are deaf or hard of hearing, and children under the age of 2. (Officials encourage use of a face covering by children ages 3-5 if possible. Children 5 and older must wear a face covering.)


Face Covering Guidance for Businesses

As of June 8, all employees are required to wear a cloth facial covering except when working alone in an office, vehicle, or at a job site, or when the job has no in-person interaction. This applies to employees working in separate rooms or cubicles if the walls are below face level when working at their desks. 

Employers must provide cloth facial coverings to employees, unless their exposure dictates a higher level of protection. As of July 7, businesses must require customers and visitors to wear a face covering. Businesses must post signage reminding customers and clients to wear a mask. 

Businesses with questions about the face covering orders or any other Safe Start related questions can contact the state's Business Response Center at: https://coronavirus.wa.gov/how-you-can-help/covid-19-business-and-worker-inquiries

Customer Concerns

If you are a customer and have concerns that a business is not adequately enforcing the face mask order or other Safe Start requirements you can submit an anonymous complaint by visiting: https://coronavirus.wa.gov/report-safe-start-violation or click on the complaint form here. Acknowledgement that the information you submit is public information under RCW 42.56 with release of information as required https://www.governor.wa.gov/home/privacy-notice is necessary to complete the form, however entering your personal information is voluntary.