Case Count Northeast Tri County Residents

Northeast Tri County Health District provides regular updates on case counts for Ferry, Pend Oreille, and Stevens Counties. 

Data Reporting:

Please note that the data provided here are tentative and subject to change. Due to system delays, we are not able to provide data for the number of tests administered in Ferry, Pend Oreille, or Stevens Counties. Please visit Washington State Department of Health website for statewide test reporting

Note on the Number of Infections:

Public health experts agree that the true number of people who have been infected with COVID-19 greatly exceeds the number of COVID-19 infections that have been laboratory-confirmed. It is very difficult to know exactly how many people in the Tri County area have been infected to date since most people with COVID-19 experience mild or no symptoms. 


Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Ferry, Pend Oreille, and Stevens Counties

Data will be updated on a daily basis for the previous day. Last updated: 10/23/20 at 10:00 am. Data will be updated Monday-Friday, counts from the weekends will be included on Monday's data. 

County of Residence Lab Positive Cases New Cases as of: 10/22 New Cases in Last 14 Days  Total Tests Completed  Hospitalized Deaths
Ferry 34 1 4 Visit: DOH COVID-19 Dashboard Visit: DOH COVID-19 Dashboard 0
Pend Oreille 152 2 47 Visit: DOH COVID-19 Dashboard Visit: DOH COVID-19 Dashboard 1
Stevens 246 1 38 Visit: DOH COVID-19 Dashboard Visit: DOH COVID-19 Dashboard 5
Total 432 4 89 Visit: DOH COVID-19 Dashboard Visit: DOH COVID-19 Dashboard 6

Lab Positive Cases: Reports the total number of PCR positive cases and Antigen positive cases in Ferry, Pend Oreille and Stevens Counties. While deaths are reported separately this number would include any positive cases that also resulted in death. 

Total Tests Completed: Information for the total number of tests completed for each county can be found on the Washington State Department of Health's COVID-19 Dashboard. 

Hospitalized: Information for the total number of cumulative hospitailizations for each county can be found Washington State Department of Health's COVID-19 Dashboard.   

Recovered Cases: While we would like to be able to report on the number of recovered cases, we simply do not have a reliable or accurate way to track this data. Many individuals infected with COVID-19 show mild or no symptoms, will not require medical care, and are never tested. We do know that many of our confirmed cases are improving and being released from isolation, but without a uniform definition of the term "recovered" we can only accurately report confirmed cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. 

Case by Area

Ferry County

Includes Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation


Area Description # Positive
North Ferry County (Curlew, Malo, Danville) 2
East Ferry County (Kettle Falls, Orient, Laurier) 9
Republic Area 7
Inchelium Area 14
Keller/Nespelem Area 2




Pend Oreille County

Includes Kalispel Tribe of Indians within Pend Oreille County


Area Description # Positive
Metaline/Metaline Falls 6
Ione Area 2
Usk Area 17
Cusick Area 9
Newport Area 110
South Pend Oreille County (Elk, Deer Park) 8


Stevens County

Includes Spokane Tribe of Indians within Stevens County

Area Description # Positive
Northport Area  
Evans Area 3
Kettle Falls/Marcus Area 29
Colville Area 81
Rice Area 5
Addy Area  
Chewelah Area 6
Gifford/Hunters Area 2
Valley Area 7
Springdale Area 7
Ford Area 3
Fruitland Area (Fruitland, Davenport) 6
Loon Lake Area 16
Clayton Area (Clayton, Deer Park) 15
Nine Mile Falls (Nine Mile Falls, Tum Tum) 54
Wellpinit Area 12


Case by Age

0-9 15
10-19 54
20-39 109
40-59 127
60-79 101
80+ 26


Trends of Transmission

Data reported is beginning from September 1, 2020 to current. (Does not include tribal cases)

Trends of Transmission Total
Community Aquired 59
Correctional Facility 18
Household 28
Long Term Care/Skilled Nursing Facility 18
School 16
Social 48
Travel 17
Workplace 11



Correctional Facility: Place of employment, incarceration, jail or prison.

Community Aquired: Cannot determine where exposure took place.

Household: Exposure occured from a confirmed or suspected case who lives in the same household.

Long Term Care/Skilled Nursing Facility: Nursing home, assisted living, rehabilitation centers, congregate care homes, residents and staff with exposure occurring to a known case within one of these facilities. 

School: Place of employment or student.

Social: BBQ's, parties, dining out, group recreational activities, weddings, funerals, worship, other gatherings, etc.

Travel: Travel out of the area or had interaction with visitors or family from out of the area. 

Workplace: Exposure occurred at place of employment.