Smoking in Public Places

Washington state has had a Smoking in Public Places (SIPP) Law (RCW 70.160) in effect since 2005. This law prohibits smoking in all indoor public spaces and workplaces. The law's core intent is to protect employees and the public from exposure to secondhand smoke. 

The SIPP requires every local health district to enforce the law and educate businesses and employers about the law so they understand how to comply with it. The following provisions of the law are enforceable by the Health District:

  1. Ensure owners of public places or places of employment prohibit smoking;
  2. Ensure owners of public spaces or places of employment post signs prohibiting smoking in conspicuous locations;
  3. Ensure owners prohibit smoking within a presumptively reasonable minimum distance of 25 feet of entrances, exits, open windows, etc.

Business Resources: To become familiar with the laws and your responsibilities. The following resources are available

Frequently asked Questions Regarding SIPP

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