Tobacco & Vaping Prevention

Northeast Tri County Health District leads a regional effort to prevent youth ages 12 to 20 from using tobacco and other nicotine containing products. We work with community partners to create a unified approach to prevent youth nicotine use.

Tobacco and other nicotine product use can negatively impact the health of youth. Nicotine is addictive and especially harmful to adolescent brains. Youth who use nicotine-containing products may be more likely to develop addictions to other substances, perform poorly in academics, and experience other behavioral disorders. 

The good news is:

  • Kids say their parents are the most influential people in their lives.
  • Youth are less likely to use tobacco and nicotine containing products if they believe their community thinks it's wrong for them to use.

It's important that parents, schools, and communities all work together to keep youth healthy and safe.

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