Requesting Public Records

Northeast Tri County Health District provides access to public records for review or copying in compliance with the Washington State Public Records Act, Chapter 42.56 RCW. The Public Records Act does not require agencies to provide or create records that do not exist at the time of the request, and it prohibits releasing lists of individuals for commercial purposes [RCW 42.56.070(9)]. 

The Public Records Act requires government agencies to make identifiable public records available for inspection and/or copying unless the record is exempt from disclosure. A public record is “any writing containing information relating to the conduct of government or the performance of any governmental or proprietary function prepared, owned, used, or retained by any state or local agency regardless of physical form or characteristics” [RCW 42.17.020(41)]. 

A writing is defined as “handwriting, typewriting, printing, photo stating, photographing, and every other means of recording any form of communication or representation, including, but not limited to, letters, words, pictures, sounds, or symbols, or combination thereof, and all papers, maps, magnetic or paper tapes, photographic films and prints, motion picture, film and video recordings, magnetic or punched cards, discs, drums, diskettes, sound recordings, and other documents including existing data compilations from which information may be obtained or translated.” 

Public Records Request Form

To request a public record, complete the Northeast Tri County Health District “Public Records Request” form. The more specific the request is, the more accurately and quickly Northeast Tri County Health District staff can respond. 

Download the Public Records Request Form

All requests can be emailed to our Administrator, Matt Schanz


How We Respond to Requests

Northeast Tri County Health District will respond to a request for public records within five (5) business days. 

We will respond by: 

1. Acknowledging receipt of the request and providing an estimate of the time required to respond. Requests are completed in the order they are received. Additional processing time may also be necessary due to the size of the request, a need to clarify the request, or time required to review the documents and remove any information exempt from disclosure (RCW 42.56.210-42.56.480; RCW 70.02); or 

2. Providing the records for inspection or copying after payment of any applicable fees; or 

3. Indicating that we have no documents that meet the criteria of the request; or 

4. Denial of the request. If a request for public records is denied, the specific sections within the Public Records Act justifying the denial will be provided. 

Public Records Fee Schedule

(An estimated copy deposit of 10% may be required.) Applicable for charges over $5.00 

  • Copies: $ 0.15 per page 
  • Large maps/site plans: actual cost incurred by agency 
  • Postage: actual cost incurred by agency 


Public records release requests can be directed to any Northeast Tri County Health District Office. Specific questions about Northeast Tri County Health District public records policies and procedures can be directed to the District’s Public Records Officer, Matt Schanz, Administrator, at 509-684-1301.