Air Quality Update

Know about local air quality impairments, precautions to take during wildfire smoke warnings, masks and more.

  • Know about local air quality impairments

    • You can check statewide air quality conditions at .  Locally, air monitoring stations are located in Colville, Newport, and Wellpinit.

      • Current conditions as of the morning of September 7th. The forecast is for some improvement in air quality conditions as winds on Friday and Saturday are expected to move some smoke out of the area.

        • Colville- Unhealthy
        • Newport-Very Unhealthy/Hazardous
        • Wellpinit-Unhealthy

    • Use the Washington Air Quality Advisory for Smoke to determine if air quality conditions warrant activity restrictions.  
    • Additional information about local fires, smoke, and air quality forecasting can be found at Washington Smoke Information.

  • Precautions to take during wildfire smoke warnings

    • Follow the activity recommendations based on the air quality advisories.
    • If you have asthma, diabetes, lung or heart disease, follow your doctor’s directions about taking your medicines and their medical advice.  Call your provider if symptoms worsen.
    • Stay indoors and keep indoor air as clean as possible-

      • Keep windows and doors closed.  If there is no air conditioning and it is too hot to keep windows and doors closed, consider leaving the area.
      • Run your central ventilation system (if you have one), set to re-circulate and close the fresh air intake.  Use high efficiency filters designed to capture fine particulates.  Change filters often.
      • Use a high-efficiency particulate room air (HEPA) filter to reduce indoor air pollution.  Good information can be found at California’s Air Cleaning Devices for the Home PDF
      • More information about keeping indoor air free of smoke can be found on Improving Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality During Wildfire Smoke Events.

    • Northeast Tri County Health District is providing area schools routine updates regarding activities restrictions based on air quality impairments.  Recommendations are based on the Air Pollutions and School Activity Guide from Washington Department of Health.

  • Masks-  Northeast Tri County Health District does have a limited supply of masks at our office locations.  N95 or N100 masks can provide some limited protection however the best approach is to follow the recommended activity restrictions as air conditions warrant.  Please note that people who have underlying health issues may find it harder to breathe through the masks and it may not be advisable for them to use a mask.  Guidance on mask use can be found at  Wildfire Smoke and Face Mask Fact Sheet.  Masks are generally not designed to fit young children.

    • Office Locations

      • Ferry County:  147 N. Clark, Suite 1, Republic
      • Pend Oreille County:  605 Highway 20, Newport
      • Stevens County:  240 East Dominion Ave, Colville